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The Duros, a humanoid species in the Star Wars universe, are among the galaxy's earliest spacefarers and known for their keen interest in Interstellar travel and exploration. They are native to the planet Duro, located in the Core Worlds region, and have been instrumental in developing early hyperspace travel technologies and charting new hyperspace routes. Duros are widely recognized for their exceptional piloting skills, and many have prominent roles as starship engineers, navigators, and explorers.

Their appearance is characterized by their blue-green skin, large red eyes, lipless mouths, and long, smooth heads devoid of hair or nose structures. The Duros communicate largely through a series of vocalizations and body language, with their native tongue being Durese. They also possess an innate talent for starship navigation, which is incredibly valuable in the Star Wars galaxy. Their cranial structure allows for exceptional spatial reasoning and the development of natural astrogation abilities.

Throughout the Star Wars timeline, several notable Duros characters have made appearances, including Cad Bane, a skilled bounty hunter seen in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Bolla Ropal, a Jedi Master and keeper of the Kyber crystal memory during The Clone Wars era.

The Duros played a significant role in the formation and expansion of the Galactic Republic. As pioneers in space travel, they helped establish the Corellian Run and the Rimma Trade Route, two of the most important hyperspace lanes in the galaxy. This earned them a highly respected reputation, and their influence was widespread across various sectors of galactic civilization. They also had a hand in founding the Galactic Republic and were amongst its earliest member worlds.

Despite their achievements and influence, the Duros faced economic and environmental challenges on their home planet, Duro. Industrial pollution led to massive ecological damage, forcing the Duros to build vast orbital space stations known as "City-ships" to preserve their population. Over time, the surface of Duro became uninhabitable and was deemed off-limits, with the Duros population residing primarily in these orbital habitats.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Duros suffered further hardships, as Emperor Palpatine targeted their species as part of his xenophobic policies. Duro was heavily exploited for its natural resources, and the planet's ecosystem faced severe consequences. Many Duros joined the Rebel Alliance to fight against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire, leveraging their exceptional piloting and navigational skills for the cause.

the Duros are one of the most influential and iconic species in the Star Wars universe, having significantly impacted the history and development of the galaxy. Their innate talents and passion for space travel have made them formidable explorers and pilots, earning their respect and admiration from other species throughout the saga.

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