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The Dowutin are a large and physically strong species in the Star Wars universe. They originate from the planet Dowut, located in the galaxy's Inner Rim. The Dowutin's size and strength are such that a single individual can stand with ease against combat droids, and their height often exceeds three meters.

Dowutin has a tough exterior: their skin has a rough feel and looks rock-like, with a shade that varies between individual Dowutin. Their limbs are incredibly muscular and powerful, and they have the capability to easily lift heavy objects. The most outstanding physical feature of a Dowutin is their pair of prominent tusks, which protrude from the lower part of the face.

Despite their intimidating stature, the Dowutin have a reputation for being peaceable and free of any warlike tendencies. This pacific nature often makes them targets for species who mistake their kindness for weakness. Despite this, the Dowutin remain an integral part of the Star Wars universe due to their unique attributes.

The Dowutin are well integrated into the galactic Community and can be found on numerous planets and locations throughout the Star Wars universe. They made their first appearance in the Star Wars franchise in the video game, Star Wars: Uprising, which was released in 2015.

One of the most notable Dowutins from Star Wars lore is the character Grummgar, who made an appearance in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Grummgar, a gigantic beast of a bounty hunter, was a key background character in the film and an example of the Dowutin’s formidable physical presence.

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