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The Sneevel is a humanoid species characterized by its leathery skin and three pairs of nostrils present in the Star Wars universe. They hail from the Tenupe planet, which is located in the Chiss Ascendancy area of the Unknown Regions. This species is notably skilled in tracking and hunting, so much so that they have earned themselves a reputation throughout the galaxy as top trackers. Their superior tracking skills are greatly assisted by their strong sense of smell, given their six nostrils, allowing them to follow a scent trail across virtually any environment.

Sneevels became visible in the broad Star Wars narrative during the Galactic Civil War, where they primarily acted as neutral entities focused on hunting rather than taking political sides. Although they have a primarily carnivorous diet, Sneevels are also known to consume fruit. In terms of appearance, they typically have short, muscular bodies with clawed fingers suitable for their hunting lifestyle. Despite their fascinating attributes, Sneevels are relatively less explored in the Star Wars franchise compared to some other species.

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