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The Drengir are a relatively new addition to the Star Wars universe, first appearing in the comic book series for Star Wars: The High Republic. They are sentient, carnivorous plant-based species originating from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Unlike many other creatures in the Star Wars realm, the Drengir are a unique blend of cosmic horror and fantasy and embody elements that are both strange and terrifying.

Physically, the Drengir are both interesting and peculiar. They have tentacle-like appendages and exhibit a unique blend of plant and animal characteristics. They are able to control their growth patterns, can re-grow lost body parts rapidly, and have fanged maws. Their bodies primarily comprise thick, fibrous tendrils, and they have a green-grey, slick appearance with bio-luminescent patterns.

Fascinatingly, the Drengir are capable of a form of telepathy. They communicate with each other using a form of hivemind connection and when they are in proximity to other individuals of their species. Despite lacking standard vocal cords, the Drengir are able to project their thoughts to other sentient beings, though their communications often translate into unnerving and aggressive thought-patterns.

Their history is steeped in ancient and powerful lore. Centuries ago, they were imprisoned by the Sith on the Amaxine Station, a space station masquerading as a hovering asteroid. This was part of the Sith's plan to utilize the Drengir as a possible weapon against Jedi. However, eventually they were inadvertently freed by Jedi Padawan Keeve Trennis during The High Republic era.

The Drengir are extremely hostile beings and have an insatiable hunger for meat. They view all other lifeforms as potential meals. Soon after gaining their freedom, they expanded their reach across numerous systems, attacking space stations and planets, thereby becoming a major threat during The High Republic era.

the Drengir represent a unique coupling of horror and sci-fi within the Star Wars universe. Their distinct abilities and characteristics make them formidable foes, while their gruesome feeding habits reinforce their presence as terrifying cosmic horror elements. Although they are a relatively recent addition to the franchise, the Drengir have swiftly embedded themselves as notable features within Star Wars lore.

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