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Death Stick

The Death Stick is a highly addictive and illegal recreational substance present in the Star Wars universe. Manufactured and distributed by the sleazy Balosars on Coruscant, this hallucinogen was known to alter a user's perception of reality, providing vivid and psychedelic sensory experiences. The adverse effects of the drug, however, were severe, reducing the user's overall brain function over time, shortening life expectancy, and pulling the users into a swift and dangerous addiction.

The actual Death Sticks were small, glowing cylinders, and the substance within could be taken through various ways, such as injection or inhalation. The substance could greatly decrease a user's cognitive abilities and shorten their lifespan with each use. The drug's name, coined as "Death Sticks," analyzed the ultimate fate of the drug's user. It was known as a dangerous substance that even some crime entities avoided selling due to its detrimental nature.

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