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Crokind Shand


The Crokind Shand, as prominent as it may sound in the extensive Star Wars universe, appears to be a misnomer or a possible error as there is no such character or organization with this name according to the canonical and expanded universe literature, films, series and games.

However, it could be a possible confusion with the character named 'Fennec Shand', a notorious assassin and mercenary in the Star Wars series, specifically in "The Mandalorian" and "The Bad Batch" TV series. Being feared and esteemed by many, Fennec Shand was first introduced in the first season of the produced Disney++ series "The Mandalorian" where she had extensive encounters with the protagonist and was saved by another key character Boba Fett, forming a powerful alliance.

Fennec Shand represents a new wave of characters introduced into the Star Wars universe, being empowered, cunning, and having a complex character progressing from an antagonist to a supporting role in "The Mandalorian". Her backstory, skills, and affiliations continuously expand with Star Wars broadening its universe through different series and films.

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