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The Chistori are a humanoid, reptilian species native to the planet Csilla in the Star Wars universe. They are characterized by their scaly skin, formidable size, and physical strength. Their bodies have evolved to survive in the harsh, cold conditions of their home planet, resulting in Chistori having a high resistance to extreme temperatures. As a result of these adaptations, Chistori are known for their physical resilience and endurance.

The Chistori culture is centered around strength and dominance, where power is obtained through combat and physical prowess. They are known for their inherent combat abilities and are often hired as mercenaries or bodyguards throughout the galaxy. One famous example of a Chistori is the bounty hunter Desann, a central antagonist in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast video game. Despite their formidable reputation, the Chistori also possess a strong sense of loyalty and honor, eschewing deceit and trickery in favor of direct confrontation.

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