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Boss Rugor Nass, more commonly known as Boss Nass, is a significant character in the Star Wars universe who appears in "Episode I: The Phantom Menace". He is characterized by his deep, booming voice, as well as his distinctive laughter. As the ruler of the Gungan people of Naboo, he holds a critical role in this series. Despite his gruff exterior, he is shown to have a deep care for his people and reluctantly made strategic alliances when necessary.

Nass is a non-humanoid amphibious creature belonging to the Ankura Gungan species. They are a native species of the planet Naboo with a distinctive physique comprising a broad and stocky build and a pronounced bill-like mouth. This species is known for their strong swimming abilities, given they live in underwater cities. Boss Nass stood out in his era because, unlike other Gungan leaders, he was from the commoner class.

He was initially distrustful of outsiders, particularly the Naboo Humans, due to longstanding disputes and misunderstandings. This was reflected in "The Phantom Menace" where he was hesitant to trust Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but eventually formed an alliance with them in the face of Trade Federation’s invasion.

Boss Nass is also remembered for his important role in crowning Jar Jar Binks as the General during the climactic Battle of Naboo. Although he originally held a low opinion of Binks due to his clumsiness, the event marked a significant shift in their relationship. His willingness to acknowledge and value his former outcast displayed the depth of his leadership.

Post these events, Boss Nass faded into the background within the Star Wars universe, but his character left a lasting impact. His leadership demonstrated the power of cooperation, bridging gaps between species and cultures. Despite his initial doubts, he comes to represent the possibility of understanding and unity within the diverse galaxy.

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