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Bogan Collection

The Bogan Collection is a lesser-known part of Star Wars lore that comes from the Extended Universe, which comprises materials and stories outside of the official canon. Despite not being considered canon, the Bogan Collection provides fascinating insights into the ancient history of the galaxy far, far away, introducing various artifacts and pieces of knowledge related to the dark side of The Force. The term "Bogan" itself refers to the dark side or the shadow in the ancient Je'daii language, further emphasizing the sinister nature of this collection.

The Bogan Collection was housed on the remote world of Ossus, specifically in the Great Jedi library, which was established by the Jedi Order roughly 5,000 years before the events of A New Hope. It was overseen and protected by Jedi Archivist Odan-Urr, a wise and learned Draethos Jedi Master. Ossus, an ancient Jedi stronghold with strong connections to The Force, served as the perfect repository for both powerful and dangerous information, with the library containing texts on both the light and the dark sides of The Force.

Contained within the Bogan Collection were various Sith scrolls, holocrons, and other important relics from the dark side of The Force. Some of the most notable items included the Dark Holocron and the Spellbook of Darth Maleval. These artifacts were steeped in the energy of the dark side and provided valuable information on Sith history, practices, and techniques. Although the collection's content was forbidden to most Jedi, it served as a way for the Jedi Order to study their enemies and understand the darker aspects of The Force, preventing them from falling into ignorance and complacency.

Due to the volatile and dangerous nature of the artifacts, only a select few Jedi were granted access to the Bogan Collection. These individuals were often scholars and members of the Jedi Council, trusted with the responsibility of studying the dark side without falling prey to its seductive powers. The Jedi Order believed that by learning about the dark side, they could better guard themselves and the galaxy against its corruption.

The Bogan Collection, however, was not without its perils, as proven by the tale of Jedi Knight Exar Kun. Kun, a talented yet arrogant young Jedi, delved deep into the forbidden knowledge of the Bogan Collection, ultimately falling to the dark side and becoming one of the most dangerous Sith Lords in history. His descent into darkness and subsequent war against the Jedi Order served as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by the dark side artifacts within the collection.

Tragically, the Great Jedi library and the Bogan Collection were lost during the Sith invasion of Ossus, around the time of the Great Sith War, approximately 3,996 years Before The Battle of Yavin. The planet was devastated by a cataclysmic supernova, forcing the surviving Jedi to abandon Ossus and scatter the remaining knowledge and artifacts across the galaxy. With its destruction, the secrets held within the Bogan Collection were believed to have been scattered, lost, or destroyed, never to be assembled in one place again.

the Bogan Collection provides an intriguing look at the darker side of the Star Wars universe, offering a window into the ancient history of the Jedi and Sith orders, and exemplifying the inherent danger in dabbling with the dark side of The Force. While it may not be officially recognized in the current Star Wars canon, the Bogan Collection and the stories it generates continue to captivate and inform fans of the greater Star Wars mythology.

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