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The Selkath are a species originating from the Star Wars universe. They are a bipedal, aquatic species from the ocean-covered planet of Manaan. Known for their distinctive head-tails, breathing tubes, and their fish-like appearance, they are an integral part of Star Wars lore. The Selkath are expert swimmers due to their webbed hands and feet, and their ability to breathe both air and water allows them to traverse diverse environments with ease.

The Selkath have a peaceful and justice-oriented society, with a judicial system that invites neutral parties to mediate disputes. Their government, known as the Selkath High Court, is not a ruling body, but rather a court of law that aims at maintaining order in their society. However, the Selkath's peaceful ways do not mean they shy away from conflict when necessary. They are known to resort to violence to protect their society and resources.

Known as the producers of kolto, a healing substance, the Selkath have played an essential role in the galaxy. During the Jedi Civil War, kolto was the primary source of medical aid in the galaxy, making the Selkath and their homeworld Manaan strategically important. Due to the scarcity and importance of kolto, the Selkath were able to wield considerable influence, and even the powerful Sith Empire and Galactic Republic had to negotiate with them diplomatically.

Despite their pacific nature, the Selkath faced several challenges. The harvesting of kolto had environmental impacts, and overextraction led to the near depletion of the substance, causing an ecological disaster on Manaan. As a result, trade negotiations with the galaxy's powers became heated and often resulted in conflicts. It was in these situations that the Selkath demonstrated their willingness to defend their planet and resources at all costs.

Ultimately, the Selkath are a fascinating species within the Star Wars universe. Their unique abilities, combined with their peaceful yet firm approach to conflict, make them an interesting addition to the galaxy's many diverse species. Their story serves as a reminder of the fine line between exploitation and conservation, and the consequences that can occur when that line is crossed.

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