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The Alliance High Command, often simply referred to as High Command, was the main leadership body of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, more commonly known as the Rebel Alliance during the time of the Galactic Civil War. The Alliance High Command comprised individuals who led the rebellion against the authoritarian Galactic Empire. Established in 2 BBY, the High Command’s main mission was to coordinate the diverse elements of the rebellion acting against the Empire, leading both military and civilian affairs.

Mon Mothma, a senator from Chandrila, was one of the main leaders of the Alliance High Command and served as the Chief of State. Flanked by similarly prestigious figures such as Admiral Ackbar and General Leia Organa, Mothma played a pivotal role in the organized rebellion, driving major decisions and strategies to weaken and, eventually, overthrow the Empire.

The High Command was responsible for some of the key victories against the Empire, most notably the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor. Using headquarters stationed across the galaxy, from Yavin 4 to Hoth, the Commanders strategized on the movements of the Rebel Alliance against the constantly threatening presence of the Empire.

The Alliance High Command was also instrumental in fostering diplomatic relationships with different planetary systems, drawing support and resources for the rebellion. Moreover, they led operations to recruit more people, extending their network of freedom fighters. They worked closely with allies in the Imperial Senate, and various political sympathisers, which further bolstered their forces against the Empire's might.

Post the significant victory at the Battle of Endor, where Emperor Palpatine was killed, the Alliance High Command was transformed into the Provisional Council, a temporary government until the New Republic was established. The Command's enduring legacy was the restoration of the democratic institution that the Empire had systematically dismantled. Their strategies, alliances and relentless efforts undoubtedly set the foundation of the triumphant Rebellion.

Though largely depicted through various Star Wars films, the complex operations of Alliance High Command are further explored in spin-off series, comics and books, enhancing our understanding of the intricate process and people involved in the fight for the galaxy’s fate.

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