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0-0-0, better known as Triple-Zero, is a droid character from the Star Wars universe that first appeared in the 2015 Marvel comic series, Star Wars: Darth Vader. He is a Protocol Droid specifically programmed for etiquette, customs, translation and torture, which sets him apart from most protocol droids in the Star Wars franchise.

Triple-Zero is coated in a similar silver plating as notable droid C-3PO, and was designed by the brilliant but twisted scientist Doctor Aphra. His activation was deemed too dangerous by the Tarkin Initiative, a secret think tank of scientists operating under the Imperial Security Bureau of the Galactic Empire, due to his sadistic tendencies. Despite an Imperial order to deactivate forever, Aphra reactivated him and his companion, BT-1, to serve her and Darth Vader.

Unlike C-3PO, who is often portrayed as timid and cautious, Triple-Zero takes joy in torture and praises himself for his own etiquette and sociopathy. Despite his brutal nature, he can also display politeness and charm when required. His violent sociopathy, cloaked in the veneer of his courteous protocol programming, makes for a unique and unsettling character.

Triple-Zero is iconic for his simple but piercing red photoreceptors and his chilling voice. He, along with BT-1, are often portrayed as deadly and darkly humorous foils to the better-known droid pair of C-3PO and R2-D2. He is notably loyal to Aphra, calling her "mistress" and obediently following her unusual and often dangerous instructions.

Throughout the comic series, Triple-Zero navigates the treacherous world of Star Wars alongside Aphra and Darth Vader, leaving his distinct mark on the franchise with his unique blend of artificial charm and lethal programming. He adds a touch of disturbing humour and unpredictability to the diverse Star Wars universe, underlining the peril inherent in unchecked droid programming.

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