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The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is one of the central institutions within the fictional Star Wars universe, representative of the ruthless power structure of the Galactic Empire. This clandestine agency is primarily responsible for all civilian surveillance, internal affairs, and ensuring loyalty to the Empire. Modeled on real-world totalitarian surveillance and secret police agencies, the ISB is known for its ruthless and efficient ways of maintaining peace through fear and control in the Empire's expanded universe.

Directly accountable to Emperor Palpatine, the ISB shares a rivalry with its military counterpart, Imperial Intelligence. Its duties range from the vetting of Imperial officers, spying on military personnel, and rooting out any sedition, insubordination or rebel sympathies in the Empire's vast territories. This includes monitoring communications and conducting investigations into suspected threats to the New Order. Within the Star Wars canon, the ISB sought to ensure that every citizen, soldier, and officer adhere strictly to Emperor Palpatineā€™s vision of order and dominance.

The ISB is primarily composed of highly trained agents tasked with blending seamlessly into the Empire's vast population to identify and neutralize threats before they become a problem. Becoming an ISB agent is said to require extreme dedication to the cause of the Empire, along with the willingness to make harsh decisions in its name. The organization, therefore, represents some of the most fanatically loyal subjects of the Emperor.

Notable ISB officers include Wullf Yularen, who transitions from his ranks in the Republic military to a highly influential ISB role in the Galactic Empire, and Agent Kallus, one of the main antagonists in "Star Wars Rebels". Kallus later defects from the Empire and aids the Rebel Alliance, embodying one of Star Wars' constant themes of redemption and the fight against oppression.

The ISB is a significant factor in Palpatine's strategy for maintaining control over the galaxy, effectively functioning as a symbol of the Empire's relentless dominance and control. Its story is woven into multiple Star Wars movies, television series, novels, and comics, further cementing its crucial role in Star Wars lore.

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