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The Graak is a species of avian creatures native to the forest moon of Endor, prominently featuring in the “Star Wars” universe. These bird-like beings are known for their distinctive green and blue plumage, which allows them to blend seamlessly into the lush, verdant environment of Endor’s dense forests. Graaks are generally non-aggressive and are often seen flying in small flocks, which spread across the forest canopy. They are adept at foraging for insects and small fruits, making them a crucial part of the moon's ecosystem. Their sharpened beaks and agile flight patterns enable them to dodge predators with relative ease, enhancing their survival in the wild.

Throughout various “Star Wars” media, Graaks have made appearances primarily in the background, contributing to the depth and realism of Endor's environment. Their presence expands the rich tapestry of fauna within the series, illustrating the diverse life forms encountered by the Ewoks and other inhabitants of the moon. While not a central element to any main plot line, the Graak exemplifies the attention to detail in world-building that distinguishes the “Star Wars” saga. They underscore the interconnectedness of all living beings in the galaxy, highlighting that even the smallest creatures have their roles to play in the grand narrative.

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