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Tyvokka was a well-known Wookiee Jedi Master from Kashyyyk, who lived during the time of the Galactic Republic. He was famous for his wisdom, strength, and masterful control over The Force. Despite his gruff exterior, Tyvokka was a non-violent personality and preferred peaceful negotiations over combat. He was a mentor to Plo Koon and was instrumental in educating him about the ways of The Force.

Being a Wookiee, Tyvokka had a unique way of handling his tasks as a Jedi Master, focusing strongly on arbitration and discussion rather than warfare. This leaned on the Wookiee’s natural diplomatic skills, and his peaceable nature made him an excellent mediator. He served as a Jedi General in The Stark Hyperspace War and was highly respected within the Jedi Order for his actions during the conflict.

Tyvokka constructed his own unique lightsaber with a curved hilt to accommodate his Wookiee grip. The color of his lightsaber blade was green, a symbol of peace and his meditation-focused approach in the Force. His lightsaber was a manifestation of his peaceable nature and his unique style of using the Force, preferring to deploy it for self-defense rather than initiating any conflict.

As a Jedi General in the Stark Hyperspace War, Tyvokka played a crucial role, coordinating the attacks on Iaco Stark's pirate fleet. During the course of this war, though, Tyvokka met with a tragic end. His resilience and spirit, however, left a lasting impact on his Jedi companions, particularly Plo Koon, who admired Tyvokka for his wisdom and courage.

So, in a nutshell, Tyvokka was not just a physically towering presence, but his legendary teachings also commanded great respect. His abilities to negotiate and mediate were instrumental to the Jedi Order, and his legacy remains as an influential figure in the Star Wars lore.

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