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The Tunroth are a unique species from the Star Wars universe, originally hailing from the Tunroth system within Hutt Space. As humanoid tripedals, this species is distinctive for their third leg which also serves as a prehensile tail. Tunroths showcase rough, sandpapery skin in hues of brown or tan. Their faces house piercing blue eyes and bat-like ears, and they have an impressively elongated lifespan - their youth only begins to fade when they reach the 70-year mark. Tunroths have an innate ability to sense the emotional state of others, often leading them to vocations as trackers and bounty hunters.

Their culture has deeply ingrained traditions and rites of passage. The Tunroth believe in the Journey of the Soul, a spiritual lifetime voyage. When a Tunroth nears death, a close family member or friend undertakes a physical journey on their behalf, symbolically completing the Journey of the Soul in their honor. This tradition plays an integral part in their society and is a celebrated aspect of their cultural heritage. In the Expanded Universe, they are represented by the Tunroth Tracker, a character in the Star Wars Miniatures game.

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