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The TIE GT, also known as the TIE ground-targeting starfighter, is a specialized variant of the iconic TIE series used by the Galactic Empire for ground assault missions. Unlike the standard TIE fighters, the TIE GT is equipped with heavier armor and more robust weaponry to support its role in attacking terrestrial targets. This includes the addition of concussion missile launchers and bombs, making it highly effective against fortified positions and enemy ground vehicles. Its design also features larger solar panels to accommodate the increased power requirements of its advanced armaments.

While maintaining the general aesthetic of the standard TIE Fighter, the TIE GT typically sacrifices some of its agility for enhanced firepower and durability. This trade-off allows it to fulfill a niche role that complements other Imperial forces during planetary invasions. Pilots of the TIE GT are often well-trained in both space combat and atmospheric maneuvers, ensuring that they can tackle a variety of mission profiles. Deployed in significant numbers during key battles, the TIE GT played a vital role in the Empire’s strategy of overwhelming firepower and intimidation.

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