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TIE Echelon Assault Shuttle


The TIE Echelon Assault Shuttle is an advanced starship utilized by the First Order, primarily designed for swift and aggressive operations. This shuttle combines the signature elements of traditional TIE fighters with added versatility, making it suitable for both combat and troop transport. Its sleek, elongated design features an imposing cockpit and heavy armor plating, providing enhanced durability in battle. The TIE Echelon is armed with an array of laser cannons and missile launchers, ensuring it can handle a variety of offensive and defensive scenarios.

What sets the TIE Echelon apart is its ability to swiftly deploy First Order troops directly into the heart of battle. Equipped with advanced navigation and stealth systems, it can bypass enemy defenses and deliver soldiers with precision. The interior of the shuttle is designed to maximize space and efficiency, accommodating both the crew and additional stormtroopers. This adaptability and multifaceted functionality make the TIE Echelon a critical asset for the First Order in their efforts to maintain control and expand their influence across the galaxy.

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