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Errant Venture


The Errant Venture is a notable ship in the Star Wars expanded universe. It is a Star Destroyer that was initially known as the Virulence before being captured by the smuggler Booster Terrik. The ship was painted red, a stark departure from the typical dull grey Star Destroyers, and it is said to be the only red Star Destroyer in the galaxy. Booster Terrik used it as a mobile base for his various illicit operations.

The Errant Venture also hosts a variety of services, most notably a selection of shops in its converted hangar bay known as Booster's Bazaar. It has also been used as a venue for gladiatorial games and a safe haven for those avoiding trouble. The ship played central roles in several key events in the Star Wars universe, notably during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj and the later Yuuzhan Vong War. Under Booster Terrik's command, the Errant Venture was a symbol of independence and rebellion against the often oppressive rule of the Empire.

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