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The Tchuukthai, also known as 'Wharls', are a mysterious and reclusive race from the 'Star Wars' universe. Becoming canon through the 'Star Wars Roleplaying Game', they are a near-human species native to the planet Tchuun, characterized by their greenish-blue skin, blue hair, and an additional 'third arm' that protrudes from their chest. The Tchuukthai are known for their silent nature as they communicate exclusively through telepathy. Furthermore, they have a unique cultural trait where they are passionate about constructing intricate, three-dimensional puzzles which also serve as an art form.

Within the context of the Star Wars universe, they have largely kept themselves isolated, with limited interaction with the rest of the galaxy's species. The Tchuukthai are known for their strong psychic abilities, using telepathy for communication. A significant aspect of their culture is centered around the creation and solving of mental challenges and intricate puzzles, reflecting the species' intellectual and psychic nature. Despite their elusive presence, their contribution to the diverse tapestry of characters within the 'Star Wars' universe is certainly substantial.

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