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The Gen'Dai are an interesting yet lesser-known species within the rich lore of Star Wars. Known for their extremely long lifespans and near-invulnerability, this species is well-noted throughout the Star Wars universe. The Gen'Dai are a formless, mollusk-like species sans skeletal system or defined brain. Instead, their consciousness and vital systems are spread globally throughout their bodies, allowing them to dodge fatal damage that would typically hinder or kill other species.

Their unique physiology confers extraordinary regenerative capabilities. The Gen'Dai could recondition themselves, making for remarkable recuperative powers. They can recover and regenerate rapidly, surviving Grievous wounds and severe body destruction that would be mortal for most other creatures throughout the Star Wars universe. Additionally, their lack of vital organs means a Gen'Dai can survive even decapitation and dismemberment.

Aside from their physical strengths, they are known for their long memory. Gen'Dai possess the ability to remember everything they've learned, allowing them to gain immense knowledge over their thousands of years lifespan. Their life expectancy makes them one of the longest-lived species, and with age, they become increasingly shrewd and experienced, making the eldest among them particularly powerful and wise.

Despite these incredible natural advantages, the Gen'Dai species is not without flaws. Given their long memory and many years of existence, many Gen'Dai are prone to wander into insanity, unable to cope with the ceaseless accumulation of memories and experiences. This characteristic ends in a growing detachment from the rest of the galaxy, causing most to become hermits or mystics.

One of the most well-known Gen'Dai characters within the Star Wars universe is Durge, a bounty hunter who fought in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Vicious and cruel, Durge exhibited the Gen'Dai's notable characteristics of near-invulnerability and keen strategic acumen. He showcased the Gen'Dai's remarkable resilience through his survival of extreme battle wounds, heralding the formidable might of his origins.

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