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T0-B1, also known as Toby, is a charming droid character designed in the style of the beloved manga/anime Astro Boy, and is featured in the Star Wars: Visions series. Visions is a collection of nine animated short films based on the Star Wars universe, with each episode created by a different Japanese anime studio. T0-B1 appears in the fourth episode of the series, named after the character, and is produced by Science SARU, a well-versed animation studio known for its outstanding work in other animated projects.

The eponymous episode, "T0-B1," presents an alternate look at the Star Wars universe, borrowing heavily from Akira Toriyama's art style and classics like "Astro Boy." Toby, a small robot with big dreams, aspires to become a Jedi despite being an AI-powered droid. He resides on a remote and desolate planet along with his creator, Professor Mitaka, who is secretly a Jedi in hiding.

Professor Mitaka, who programmed Toby with personality traits and features akin to that of a curious and willful child, regularly stresses the importance of living according to the Jedi way. Although he considers himself too old and disconnected from The Force to wield a lightsaber, he assists Toby in his quest by teaching him the principles of the Jedi Order.

Toby stumbles upon Professor Mitaka's secret lab one day, discovering plans for a lightsaber hilt and a map to a Kyber crystal, the integral component necessary for completing his very own lightsaber. Undeterred by the professor's warning about the danger and responsibility associated with being a Jedi, Toby sets off on a treacherous Solo journey through the galaxy in search of the elusive Kyber crystal.

While exploring the galaxy, Toby encounters various challenges and adversaries but remains steadfast in his pursuit of becoming a Jedi. His perseverance and courage are soon rewarded when he finally manages to find and harness the power of the Kyber crystal. This significant milestone signifies that little Toby has, indeed, begun to tap into The Force.

Unfortunately, Toby's adventure and newly-acquired powers attract the attention of a Sith Inquisitor, putting his home and Professor Mitaka in great danger. In the climactic battle that ensues, Toby must prove his worthiness as a Jedi by standing up against the dark forces that threaten everything he holds dear.

Despite his small stature and robotic nature, T0-B1 serves as an inspiration in the grand Star Wars narrative. His spirited and courageous demeanor highlights the importance of remaining true to oneself and the path chosen, regardless of any perceived limitations. Ultimately, Toby's journey reminds us of the enduring power of hope, a central theme woven throughout the fabric of the entire Star Wars saga.

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