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The Ssi-Ruuk are an alien species from the Star Wars expanded universe, appearing prominently in "The Truce at Bakura," a novel written by Kathy Tyers. Hailing from the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium located far beyond the Galactic Empire's boundaries, these are bipedal, reptilian beings with a distinctively imposing physical appearance and a highly stratified societal caste system. The Ssi-Ruuk are notably recognized for their peculiar form of technology which involves the transference of life energies (also known as "entechment") to power their droids and starships. This process horrifyingly often involves captives, rendering them practically lifeless after the entechment.

The societal hierarchy of the Ssi-Ruuk is quite stringent, wherein the color of a Ssi-Ruuk's scales determines their social standing and role within their society. For instance, the blue-scaled P'w'ecks serve as the general working class, while the red, yellow, or green-scaled Ssi-Ruuk occupy the higher rungs of society, serving as warriors, priests, or the ruling elite respectively. Intriguingly, the Ssi-Ruuk are deeply religious with a unique belief system centered around the deification of their sun, which they believe empowers their entechment technology. While their encounters with the primary characters of the Star Wars universe are limited, the Ssi-Ruuk's advanced technology and alien culture make them a fascinating addition to the Star Wars mythos.

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