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The Nikto are a humanoid species in the Star Wars universe hailing from the planet Kintan. They've been demonstrated in a myriad of roles, more often than not, as either disciples of the Hutt crime syndicate or as formidable bounty hunters. The Nikto species is divided into five distinct subspecies including the Kajain'sa'Nikto (Red Nikto), Kadas'sa'Nikto (Green Nikto), Esral'sa'Nikto (Mountain Nikto), Gluss'sa'Nikto (Pale Nikto), and the M'shento'su'Nikto (Southern Nikto). Their battle-worn, rugged appearance is defined by their leathery skin and facial tendrils. Additionally, adaptation features vary among the subspecies, developed in response to the various climates found on their home planet.

The Nikto species gained Star Wars fame mainly through characters like Klaatu, introduced in the movie "Return of the Jedi". In the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, numerous Nikto characters were also introduced. In terms of language, their native tongue is known as Nikto, though many have shown themselves to be fluent in Huttese given their affiliation with the Hutt Clan. The Nikto have proven themselves to be resilient and adaptable, seen in their roles as soldiers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters alike, making them a formidable species in the galaxy.

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