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Sana Starros


Sana Starros is an intriguing character in the Star Wars universe, introduced in the series' new canonical timeline post-Disney+. Often known as Sana Solo, she first debuted in Marvel Comics' "Star Wars #4", released in May 2015 where she was introduced as the supposed wife of Han Solo. Sana is a self-professed rogue, bounty hunter, and smuggler, often likened to Han Solo himself.

Born on the planet Nar Shaddaa, a notorious haven for criminals and mercenaries, Sana lived a life full of danger and excitement from a young age. Besides being a skilled pilot and a capable fighter, she is also highly resourceful. Like many other characters in the Star Wars universe, Starros’ weapon of choice is a blaster, which she wields with deadly accuracy.

Her relationship with Han Solo, both as a ‘wife’ and an ally, is a critical part of her character's arc. Although she initially claims to be Han's wife, it's later revealed that their marriage was part of a long con they were hired to pull off against a third party. The revelation helps to define their relationship as more of a partnership based on mutual respect and shared expertise.

The period following her parting of ways with Han Solo sees Sana turning to bounty hunting as a means of survival. She crosses paths with many characters, solidifying her role in the larger Star Wars universe. She is seen working with the likes of Doctor Aphra and even crossing paths with the infamous Boba Fett.

Despite her roguish nature, Sana also embodies moral complexities that make her a compelling character. She often finds herself at odds with her former husband, particularly when he is associated with the Rebellion. But she is not completely void of morality and is seen making the right—and often difficult—decisions when circumstances call for them.

A pivotal character in the new Star Wars canon, Sana Starros serves to diversify the universe's collection of rogues, criminals, and bounty hunters. She stands as an example of a strong, independent woman surviving in the chaos and tumult of the Star Wars galaxy.

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