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RA7 protocol droid


The RA-7 protocol droid, also known as the 'Insect Droid' or 'Death Star Droid,' is a type of protocol droid that appears in the Star Wars universe. Produced by Arakyd Industries, these protocol droids are supposed to serve in manners related to etiquette, customs, translation, and other needs of businessmen and diplomats. However, their usage extended to other functions within the Galactic Empire, injecting them into various spots of the Star Wars lore.

The visual design of RA-7 protocol droids might be why they received the nickname 'insect droids.' They have a certain bug-like appearance due to their slender limbs, tall frames, and large, round photoreceptors (which are akin to a bug's eyes). This look is strikingly different compared to the more humanoid appearance of other protocol droids, like the famous character C-3PO.

Yet, the function of the RA-7 droids wasn’t just limited to being a protocol droid. They were infamous in the Star Wars universe for being used as spies by the Imperial authorities. The Empire often used them to gather information as they blended in with various other protocol and service droids.

In the Star Wars narrative, the RA-7 protocol droids played certain significant roles. The most well-known of these droids, AP-5, appeared in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. AP-5 played a crucial part in a number of storylines, helping the Rebel Alliance on several occasions. The protocol droid was even instrumental in finding the planet that would eventually serve as the main Rebel base—Yavin 4.

The RA-7 protocol droids made their first appearance in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, in the scene aboard the Jawa Sandcrawler. These droids have since then become an iconic part of Star Wars’ droid lore thanks to their unique design and intriguing utility. They definitely add a remarkable facet to the expansive galaxy of Star Wars.

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