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Purge Troopers


Purge Troopers, also known as the Imperial Purge Troopers, were a specialized class of Imperial stormtroopers under the command of the Sith Lord Darth Vader and Second Sister Inquisitor. These troopers were specifically trained to assist the Inquisitors of the Galactic Empire in hunting down Jedi survivors of Order 66, a command issued by Emperor Palpatine, targeting the eradication of all Jedi. These Imperial troops were not only heavily armored but also extremely proficient with various types of weapons, particularly electrostaffs, and skilled in melee combat.

The Purge Troopers were initially sourced from the same pool as the Clone Troopers, being final products of the cloning initiative of the Galactic Republic. As the Empire took over the Republic, some clones were preserved to serve as Purge troopers. They were easily distinguishable from regular Stormtroopers due to their distinctive black armors. Unlike standard stormtroopers, they were formidable opponents even for the Jedi, demonstrating their exceptional combat prowess.

Their tenure ultimately concluded once all Jedi were assumed vanquished, and they were integrated into the broader Imperial Military. Their existence, however, vividly signifies the period of the ruthless Jedi purge and the formidable might of the Galactic Empire, under the command and guidance of the Sith Lords and Emperor Palpatine.

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