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Ootmian Pabal


The Ootmian Pabal is a hyperspace route in the Star Wars universe found in the Outer Rim Territories. Located in proximity to Trition Besh, it intersects variously with the Bluuga Pablal and Claatuvac Guild routes. Planet Dathomir, inhabited by the Nightsisters and famous as the homeworld of Darth Maul, is notably situated along the Ootmian Pabal.

In the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, it serves a significant purpose in game mechanics, essentially directing players along designed paths of progress, connecting different star systems, and functioning as an essential part of the game's fast travel system.

The Ootmian Pabal was first mentioned in the novel "Planet of Twilight" authored by Barbara Hambly, and since then, it has been mentioned in role playing games and other Star Wars related literature.

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