Momin's Mask

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Momin's Mask


Momin's mask is a powerful and sinister artifact within the Star Wars universe, specifically featured in the Star Wars comics set in the new canon. This mask belongs to the spirit of Momin, an ancient Sith Lord who was artistically inclined and notorious for his cast of destruction. Momin was known to have an unusual approach to the dark side of The Force, using it as a tool to create his pieces of art. Initially, the mask appears to be an innocent artifact, but it possesses the ability to manipulate the minds of those around it, imbuing them with the dark side of The Force.

The mask was forged in a process that allowed Lord Momin to imbue his consciousness within it, thus permitting him an eerie form of immortality. The mask has passed through numerous hands throughout the Star Wars timeline. It was found by the Galactic Empire and brought to its leader, Darth Sidious, who gifted it to his apprentice, Darth Vader. It played a crucial role in the formation of Vader's fortress on Mustafar, acting as a gateway to the dark side of the Force. Despite its dangerous capabilities, it is an item of immense power and intrigue, making it a significant artifact within the Star Wars lore.

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