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Memory Crystal of Rur


The Memory Crystal of Rur, also known as Rur's Crystal or simply The Crystal, is an integral and fascinating artifact from the Star Wars universe, particularly in the comic series. This crystal, containing the consciousness of the ancient Jedi Knight and artificial intelligence researcher, Eternal Rur, has the capacity to control droids and computers and was pivotal in various storyline arcs.

The Memory Crystal was introduced into Star Wars lore in "Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual" #1. The crystal is found in the remnants of the ancient Citadel of the Ordu Aspectu, an ancient and mysterious splinter group of the Jedi Order. The Ordu Aspectu's fate is shrouded in mystery, but it is known that Rur was one of their member, and he had transferred his mind into a computer crystal during a catastrophic event.

Eternal Rur lived during a period known as the 'Ancient Jedi Times' and was well versed in both Light and Dark sides of The Force, combing both to increase his abilities. He was the last guardian of the Ordu Aspectu, and his fervent wish to achieve eternal life lead him to create the Memory Crystal. However, Rur's experiment with immortality did not go exactly as planned. His consciousness became trapped inside the crystal, which also possessed the ability to control technology.

Thousands of years later, the relic is discovered by the archaeologist, Doctor Chelli Aphra. Recognizing the potential power this ancient technology holds, Aphra manipulates it for her own needs. The villainous archaeologist activates the crystal, releasing Rur's consciousness, who subsequently takes control of surrounding droids and attempts to rebuild his lost civilization.

Eventually, after a series of further misadventures, Doctor Aphra manages to sell the crystal to the highest bidder. Still, the questionable morals of Doctor Aphra and the dangerous and unpredictable nature of Rur's Crystal lead to further chaos. This drives home the core Star Wars message concerning the perils of unchecked ambition and meddling with immortality.

Ultimately, the Memory Crystal of Rur serves as a cautionary tale and a thrilling item in the Star Wars universe. Its creation, usage, and eventual recovery is as much a part of Star Wars' vast history as the battles between the Sith and the Jedi. These fascinating details about the Memory Crystal of Rur truly emphasize the unlimited creative possibilities this universe keeps providing to its diversely intrigued audience.

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