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Jedi youngling training

Jedi Youngling training is the first phase in a Jedi's life, where they start their journey to learn the ways of The Force and become protectors of peace and justice in the galaxy. Typically beginning their training at a very young age, a child identified as Force-sensitive would be taken to the Jedi temple on Coruscant to join the Jedi Order.

Jedi Master Yoda was one of the most renowned instructors in the Order, and he took a hands-on role in training the younglings. Throughout this stage, they would attend various classes designed to foster their connection with The Force, learn basic knowledge about the galaxy's history, and develop foundational combat skills. The Jedi Code and core principles such as sensitivity to life, compassion, and self-discipline would be ingrained into the youngling's teachings.

Each Jedi youngling was placed in a group called a 'clan,' where they would create long-lasting bonds with their peers. These clans were designed to promote teamwork, cooperation, and shared growth, all of which are integral to the Jedi way of life. A notable clan within the Order was the 'Bear Clan,' whose members included future Jedi Knight Ashla, among others.

One of the most important aspects of Jedi youngling training was the construction of their first lightsaber. The Gathering ceremony, a rite of passage held on the icy planet Ilum, would test each youngling's intuition, courage, and connection to The Force. After successfully locating a Kyber crystal in the Crystal Caves, younglings would use their newfound treasure to build their unique lightsaber under the guidance of the ancient Jedi Master HuYang.

After years of dedicated study and training, Jedi younglings who showed promise would be selected by Jedi Knights or Masters to serve as Padawans. This marked the end of their youngling phase and the beginning of a new chapter as they would receive personalized and advanced training under their mentor's supervision.

However, not every youngling became a Padawan, and those who did not would take on different roles within the Jedi Order or pursue other paths altogether after completing their training. Some of these individuals might join the ranks of the Jedi Service Corps, contributing to the galaxy in areas such as agriculture, medicine, or exploration.

Jedi youngling training plays a crucial role in the development of future Jedi, providing Force-sensitive children with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to protect and uphold peace in the galaxy. Guided by esteemed instructors like Master Yoda and older Jedi, these younglings learn about the Jedi Code as well as cultivation of their connection to The Force, underpinning their future as potential Padawans and, eventually, Jedi Knights or Masters.

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