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Hondo Ohnaka


Hondo Ohnaka is a notorious pirate and smuggler who played a significant role in the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and later reappeared in "Star Wars Rebels." Making his first appearance in 2008, the character was voiced by actor Jim Cummings. As the leader of the space pirate gang known as the Ohnaka Gang, Hondo was known for his shrewd tactics and opportunistic nature, often getting involved in various conflicts throughout the galaxy for personal gain.

The Weequay pirate was born on the planet Sriluur, located in the Outer Rim Territories. Hondo began his piracy career by leading a group of pirates in the takeover of the criminal organization Black Sun's starship, The Supremacy. This act allowed him to gather more wealth and resources, leading to the formation of the Ohnaka Gang, based on the planet Florrum. Operating from a base called Hondo's complex, the gang would pillage trade ships and commit various acts of piracy.

During the Clone Wars, Hondo made an alliance with Count Dooku to kidnap the Sith Lord's enemies. However, Hondo later betrayed Dooku and attempted to ransom him off to the Republic. This event led to the introduction of Hondo to key figures in the Star Wars universe, such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the young Ahsoka Tano. Hondo consistently showed a fondness for Ahsoka throughout the series, even though he often found himself at odds with her and other Jedi.

Ohnaka eventually lost control of his gang after a failed assault on a Republic supply shipment. His crew turned on him, leaving Hondo with only a few loyal supporters as he sought to rebuild his fortune. Over time, Hondo managed to reestablish his criminal enterprises and participated in several events throughout the Clone Wars, including offering assistance to the rebels during the early days of the Galactic Empire.

In "Star Wars Rebels," Hondo encountered a new generation of heroes, including Ezra Bridger, with whom he shared a kind of mentor-apprentice relationship. The series showcased Hondo as a more reliable ally to the growing Rebellion, displaying his cunning, wit, and knack for surviving in the face of great adversity. While he remained an opportunist, he continued to lend his support and inside knowledge of criminal underworld dealings to the Rebellion.

Despite his ambiguous morality and self-serving nature, Hondo Ohnaka is considered a beloved character by many Star Wars fans. His unique blend of charm, humor, and tactical intelligence often make him a compelling and entertaining figure within the Star Wars universe. Recognizing the character's popularity, Hondo was also featured in other Star Wars media platforms such as comics, novels, and even has a presence in the Disney+ theme park attraction, "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge," making appearances and offering his distinctive brand of morally questionable advice to park guests.

Hondo Ohnaka is a captivating character who has made a significant contribution to the Star Wars franchise. His likable personality and role as both an adversary and ally to series heroes have endeared him to fans, ensuring his enduring presence within the galaxy far, far away.

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