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The Harch are a species of spider-like sentient beings from the Star Wars universe. Originating from the planet Secundus Ando, they communicate in a series of clicks and hisses that outside species can find difficult to understand without a translation device. The Harch are noted for their exceptional strategic abilities and mental acuity spent in their web-based architecture, which extends to high levels of technological competence and organizational efficiency.

With long, agile, spider-like limb structure and multiple eyes, Harch adapt perfectly to controlling multiple screens or working on intricate tasks. This, combined with their natural intellect, has led to many Harch earning significant positions in astrogation and military strategy. Notably, Admiral Trench, one of the most feared strategists in the galaxy, was a member of this species. Despite their somewhat menacing appearance, Harch generally possess a quiet temperament and are more likely to plan out their actions meticulously than respond with physical aggression. However, when provoked, they are highly formidable due to their stature and strength.

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