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Forces of Destiny Season 1 Episode 12

Forces of Destiny Episodes

In the twelfth episode of Forces of Destiny Season 1, "The Starfighter Stunt," we find ourselves in the time period of 'The Clone Wars.' Anakin Skywalker is busy giving his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, a piloting lesson. While they engage in some playful banter and racing around in their starfighters, they unexpectedly meet a squad of Separatist droids.

Anakin instructs Ahsoka to retreat but the headstrong Padawan, remembering her lessons, chooses to stay and fight. She ingeniously maneuvers her starfighter through the squad, causing the droids to crash into each other. Her successful strategy earns her praise from her master Anakin, underlining the fact that it's not always about raw strength but also about clever strategy on the battlefield. Master and Padawan continue their journey back to Coruscant after a day full of lessons learned.

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