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The Droch is a species from the Star Wars universe that originates from the planet Dweem. They were made widely known in the series by the Suurja Invasion, where they were used as bioweapons by the Separatists. Droch's physical characteristics include a crustacean-like exoskeleton, multiple legs, and a significant beak hungrily searching for prey. Their primary method of sustenance is by draining their prey’s life energy or "Force," which can then be transferred to another being, rendering them often dangerous.

This species, while relatively small, is another example of the immense richness and diversity of the Star War universe's galactic species. The Droch depicted in the expanded universe certainly left a lasting impression, illustrating the broad array of creatures that populate the galaxy far, far away. As a rare example of a parasitic creature in Star Wars, Droch's backstory contributes to the unique fascination fans find in the detailed and immersive world of this iconic franchise.

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