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The Dashade are an extremely resilient and strong species in the Star Wars universe, originally hailing from the planet Urkupp in the Mid Rim. They appear humanoid but are instantly identifiable by their scales, radiant eyes, and fierce aesthetic. They were known to be feared by force-users as they have the unique capability to resist and even thrive off the energy produced by The Force, making them powerful Force-resistant warriors.

However, the Dashade are not just known for their intense resilience and strength, but also for their intense loyalty. Once a Dashade has given their vow to protect someone, they will do so to the death with unwavering commitment. This trait has made them highly sought after as bodyguards and personal protectors, especially by those who fear attempts on their life by Jedi or Sith.

The Dashade’s devotion to their protectees was such that they were also less likely to be swayed by mind manipulation or control techniques commonly used by the Force-sensitive beings. Their inherent resistance to the Force's influence coupled with an almost innate ability to see through lies and deception made them the ideal guards and companions for politicians, high-profile individuals, and other potential targets of Force-user attacks.

Despite the Dashade being powerful adversaries against Force-users, they are a virtually extinct race in the galaxy. This was due to a supernova event known as the Cron Drift, which desolated their homeworld Urkupp along with all the Dashades present on it during the catastrophic event. Only a few of the Dashade who happened to be off-world at the time survived.

To further amplify their rarity, Dashade couldn't be detected by sensors and left no residual life energy signatures. This led to speculation about the so-called 'Shadow Killers' still lurking unobserved in the galaxy's dark corners. One of the most famous Dashade was Ket Maliss, who served as the honored assassin of the Black Sun syndicate's leader.

Despite their general absence in the galaxy, their legacy as virtually unbeatable warriors and protectors still perseveres amongst those who are aware of their existence and unique capabilities. Whether any significant number of Dashade survived the Cron Drift or if they will ever make a staggering comeback from the brink of extinction remains one of the Star Wars universe's intriguing mysteries.

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