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Dai Bendu


The Dai Bendu was an ancient and mystical Order that was known to be active even before the formation of The Old Republic. They were said to hail from Thape, which was a moon that orbited the planet Andobi. According to Legends, the Dai Bendu monks were deeply spiritual beings that dedicated their lives to achieving a state of balance through meditation and studying the mysteries of The Force. They were not only scholars and seers, but also philosophers and diplomats known for their wisdom and impartiality.

The Dai Bendu's most significant contribution to Galactic History was their role in the discovery of the Tho Yor. This was an ancient pyramid-shaped starship, which they had originally found on the snow-covered slopes of Thape's highest peak and treated as an object of reverence for many generations. When it unexpectedly activated and started sending signals into space, the monks believed it was a test from the Force and travelled across the galaxy searching for other Tho Yor. Their journey eventually led them to Tython, where they along with other Force-sensitive species, became the founding members of the Je'daii Order.

The teachings of the Dai Bendu had a profound influence on the development of the Je'daii Order’s philosophies about life, the nature of the Force and the balance between its Light and Dark sides. Although the Dai Bendu themselves eventually vanished into obscurity, their sage wisdom, embodied in the Je'daii Order and later the Jedi Order, served as a guiding light for Force users throughout the millennia.

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