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White Worms


The White Worms are a criminal gang featured in the Star Wars universe, specifically in the movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story". They are based on the planet of Corellia, a planet known for its shipbuilding. This gang is notorious for its dangerous activities, including thievery and gambling, and is composed mainly of young humanoids who have been misfortunate enough to fall under their grasp.

These outcasts are known as scrumrats in Corellia vernacular, and they scrabble out a living by scavenging for the White Worms and trying to avoid the wrath of their ruthless superiors. The group is led by a creature named Lady Proxima. She is a Grindalid, a species that thrives in darkness and damp conditions, which is why the group's headquarters are in the abandoned underwater tunnels in Coronet City.

Lady Proxima is the heart and dread of the White Worms, a hulking, ancient creature who uses her cunning and unforgiving discipline to keep control over her scrumrats. She is a terror to those beneath her, but she can show a deceptive form of motherly care and tenderness. This form of psychological manipulation is a key factor in how she manages to maintain control over the gang.

Notably, the protagonist of the movie, Han Solo, begins his life story as a member of the White Worms. Living hand-to-mouth, his early ambition and dreams of becoming a pilot are forged amidst the harsh circumstances of this gang life. Han’s resourcefulness, piloting dreams, and his desire to escape the life of a scrumrat ultimately lead him on his journey through the broader Star Wars narrative.

The White Worms represent the underbelly of the Star Wars universe, infested with crime and sinister motives. They emphasize how even the most lowly of beginnings can spawn galactic heroes and influence the larger cosmic drama, as we see in Han Solo's epic journey.

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