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The Colicoid are a carnivorous and insectoid species from the Star Wars universe, originating from the planet Colla IV. Member of this species have a unique anatomical structure, possessing a disc-shaped body, three legs and arms, multi-faceted eyes, razor sharp teeth, and deadly stinging tail. Highly intellectual and technologically advanced, the Colicoid are responsible for the creation of multiple high-quality droids models, including the infamous Droideka.

The way of life of the Colicoid is strongly influenced by their carnivorous inclinations, with the society's hierarchical ladder largely based on predatory ability. Although these creatures rarely engage in direct combat, they enjoy spectating battles, frequently hosting their own gladiatorial games. Their reclusive nature has seen them largely stay away from galactic events, however their creations have played a crucial part in Star Wars history, particularly during The Clone Wars.

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