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The Chadra-Fan, a sentient species of aliens, make for a unique curiosity in the expansive Star Wars universe. Hailing from the aquatic planet Chad, they are distinct due to their rodent-like appearance, comprised of webbed hands and feet, round glowing eyes, notable short stature (usually less than a meter tall), and a keen sense of hearing and smell, which surpasses that of humans. Another memorable trait of the Chadra-Fan is the natural ability to echolocate, which they share with their earth-equivalent, bats. They are known for their quick emotional shifts and a seemingly indomitable spirit, desiring to live life to its fullest.

Culturally, Chadra-Fan highly value Community and express it through a strict clan system, where each individual belongs to a clan and the Community works together to avert or solve problems. Despite living in a technologically advanced universe, they prefer a simple life, focused on farming and mechanical work. Their technology prowess is reflected in their ability to cobble together disparate mechanical and electronic elements into functional machines, earning them respect as exceptional engineers and technicians. These fascinating creatures often find themselves playing small but crucial roles in the grand scheme of the Star Wars saga.

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