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The Caamasi are a species of sentient beings originating from the Star Wars universe. Hailing from the planet of Caamas, these bipedal, fur-covered creatures are notable for their long snouts, large ears, and gold-tinted eyes. In addition to their physical characteristics, the Caamasi are widely renowned for their moral compass and strong commitment to peace, even possessing a unique ability to share memories with each other to promote understanding and empathy. This strong dedication to pacifism has sometimes seen them fall victim to more aggressive entities within the galaxy.

Interestingly, the Caamasi played a significant role in the Star Wars Expanded Universe storyline, most notably in the 'New Jedi Order' and 'Legacy of The Force' series. They were nearly wiped out when their home planet was devastated by the Galactic Empire, a historical event that led to great moral outrage amongst the other species. Despite this, a number of Caamasi individuals, such as Elegos A'Kla, have played crucial roles in galactic events, using their innate sense of justice to navigate the often tumultuous landscape of the Star Wars universe.

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