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BX Commando Droids


The BX-series droid commando, more commonly known as the commando droid, is an elite battle droid model manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata during The Clone Wars. Introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, these commando droids are made for high-risk operations and specific military missions, deemed too delicate for standard battle droids. They demonstrate superior capabilities, including strength, speed, and agility that make them exceptionally lethal in combat situations.

Resilient and versatile, BX droids are equipped for a variety of tasks including but not limited to sabotage, assassination, and infantry combat. Their superior autonomous programming allows them to act independently and adapt to dynamic conditions on the battlefield. Unlike regular battle droids, they can even utilize equipment and weaponry not specifically designed for them, including blasters and thermal detonators.

Physically, BX Commando Droids stand out for their more humanoid, skeletal design as compared to standard B1 battle droids. They are equipped with white photoreceptor eyes and stronger, coated armor that’s usually marked for identification in red or yellow. In terms of locomotion, they can run rapidly and jump incredibly high, providing a significant advantage during sudden attacks or escapes.

BX Commando Droids are also known for their advanced communication skills. They have the ability to mimic organic voices, which is particularly useful for deceptive tactics. For instance, in one episode of the Clone Wars series, they successfully infiltrate a Republic outpost by imitating clone troopers’ voices.

Despite their advantages, BX-series droids are more costly and time-consuming to produce compared to the generic battle droids used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS). Due to this, they were deployed sparingly, typically for tasks that required their specialized abilities. Nonetheless, they have proven to be formidable adversaries for the Galactic Republic forces during the Clone Wars period.

the BX-series droid commandos are an elite and significant part of the Star Wars universe, representing an advanced level of battle droid technology. Their unique capabilities, autonomy and flexibility make them the ultimate lethal machines during the Clone Wars.

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