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Black Krrsantan


Black Krrsantan, or also known as Santy, is a Wookie bounty hunter originating from Kashyyyk. He was sold into slavery by other Wookies during his adolescence. Because of his combat skills, he was purchased by a group known as the Xonti Brothers to participate in their gladiatorial games. The Xonti Brothers pushed Krrsantan's limits through inhuman treatments, causing him painful but powerful cybernetic modifications.

Not too long after, motivated to take revenge, Krrsantan escaped his captors and turned to bounty hunting to survive. An expert tracker and a brutal fighter, he worked typically on the hunting and capturing of other beings. His reputation reached the criminal world and he found himself added to Jabba the Hutt's Rogues Gallery, a collection of the deadliest bounty hunters across the galaxy.

His ferocity and reputation for violence and strength eventually caught Darth Vader's attention. With time, he became one of the Sith Lord's go-to mercenaries. Though most of his tasks were performed individually, Krrsantan was sometimes forced to work with others, such as the rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra, whom he formed a reluctant association with.

During the Battle of Crait, a conflict that took place in 34 ABY during the war between the Resistance and the First Order, Krrsantan was among the criminals and adventurers who gathered at Maz Kanata's castle. As the battle took place, Krrsantan and the others placed wagers on the outcomes.

Despite his gruff exterior and anti-hero role, Krrsantan maintains a strict code of loyalty, especially with those he cherishes. His early experiences as a slave left a lasting psychological impact on him; because of this, he harbors a deep-seated hatred of slavery and will go to great lengths to free others who suffer a similar fate.

Even with high risk on his life, Black Krrsantan often refuses to use blasters or modern weaponry, but prefers traditional Wookiee weapons such as his Bowcaster or Rykk blades. His sheer strength, durability, and ferocity, combined with an impressive arsenal of weapons, makes Black Krrsantan a truly formidable bounty hunter.

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