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Back 40 Brewing

Back 40 Brewing is a craft brewery located in Gadsden, Alabama, founded in 2009. Known for its commitment to quality, Back 40 takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients and traditional brewing methods to create a range of unique and flavorful beers. Their flagship beer, Naked Pig Pale Ale, quickly gained popularity and was soon followed by other favorites such as Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale and Freckle Belly IPA.

Back 40 Brewing is not just successful in producing great tasting beers, but also plays an active role in the Community by hosting events and partnering with local businesses and organizations. With a laid-back atmosphere, a taproom serving their delicious beers, and a calendar filled with fun events, Back 40 Brewing has become a go-to spot for locals and beer enthusiasts alike.

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