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Pontoon Brewing

Pontoon Brewing is an independent craft brewery located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, founded in 2014. The brewery is known for its truly innovative and diverse beer selection, ranging from unique twists on traditional styles to completely new creations. Pontoon Brewing focuses on championing the spirit of fun and relaxation, drawing inspiration from the love of life on the water. Their dedication to the craft of brewing is evident in the careful attention given to sourcing quality ingredients, refining recipes, and utilizing an inviting Community approach to foster meaningful connections amongst beer enthusiasts.

With a passion for crafting delicious and approachable beers, Pontoon Brewing boasts a wide variety of offerings, including hoppy IPAs, tart sours, rich imperial stouts, and easy-drinking lagers. Patrons can enjoy their distinctive beers on tap or in cans to-go at the Sandy Springs taproom and find Pontoon brews distributed through the Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond. The brewery has also developed partnerships with various organizations, including hosting charity events and collaborations with other local breweries, further strengthening Pontoon's focus on fostering Community and making a positive impact.

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