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Argai Minor


Argai Minor is a planet in the Star Wars universe that is mentioned in the novel 'Aftermath: Empire's End' by Chuck Wendig. This name appears in passing during a strategic conversation and doesn't play a big role in the overall story. Therefore, much about Argai Minor, like its physical features, climate, or its inhabitants, remains a mystery.

What the novel reveals is that Argai Minor is one of the many locations where the New Republic, in its early days after the Battle of Endor, sets up a presence to keep the peace and make sure the aftershocks of the fallen Empire don't cause too much trouble. However, the brief mention doesn't reveal in depth its strategic value or the specific events that unfolded there.

Argai Minor is a subtle part of the sprawling Star Wars lore with little information to its name but does help illustrate the far-reaching effects of the Empire's collapse and the New Republic's extensive efforts to restore stability and order in the galaxy.

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