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The Amani are a species in the Star Wars universe hailing from the planet Maridun. They are distinguished by their giant stature, reaching up to 2-5 meters in height, their muscular builds, and blue or green skin tones. They possess an extremely high pain threshold and have been known for their formidable agility despite large sizes. In terms of their physical attributes, Amani have four arms, elongated skulls, and beady eyes with slit pupils, which gives them an intimidating appearance.

Culturally, the Amani are renowned for their formidable hunting skills and they place great value on weapons, considering them symbols of status and power. They are tribal species and known for their less-than-sophisticated technological prowess. However, despite their primitive tribal society, the Amani are known to be fierce warriors and have even been noted for their loyalty when dealing with other species. As with many Star Wars species, the portrayal of the Amani has evolved and varied through different mediums, ranging from comics, novels, to animated series.

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