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Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA


Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA is a bold and vibrant beer crafted by Stone Brewing, renowned for their hoppy and adventurous brews. This IPA stands out with its unique blend of tropical fruit flavors, featuring notes of pineapple, mandarin, and coconut, which are derived from a careful selection of hops such as Loral and Mosaic. The beer pours with a golden hue and an aroma that tempts the senses, offering a refreshing departure from traditional IPAs.

At 7.3% ABV, Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA balances its robust hop character with a smooth malt backbone, ensuring a well-rounded drinking experience. Stone Brewing has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of craft brewing, and this IPA exemplifies their innovative spirit and commitment to quality. Whether you're a hop head or a casual beer enthusiast, Vengeful Spirit is a brew that delivers complexity and satisfaction in every sip.

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