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Reformation Brewery

Reformation Brewery is a craft brewery located in Woodstock, Georgia, founded in 2013 by Spencer Nix and Nick Downs. The brewery focuses on using locally sourced ingredients and traditional brewing techniques, while incorporating innovation and creativity. Reformation Brewery has a diverse lineup of beers, including their flagship Belgian-style Starks Porter, Cadence Belgian Ale, and Atlas IPA. The brewery takes pride in its commitment to Community and sustainability, frequently partnering with local businesses and organizations for events and activations.

With multiple locations—known as "The Keeping Room" in their Woodstock facility and "The Spoke" in their Canton location—Reformation Brewery offers a welcoming and relaxed environment for patrons to enjoy their beers. The brewery regularly hosts events such as trivia nights, live music, and Community gatherings. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and Community has garnered Reformation Brewery a strong following and reputation in the Georgia craft beer scene.

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