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Raxus Prime


Raxus Prime, often simply referred to as Raxus, is a notorious planet located in the Tion Hegemony, a segment of the larger Tion Cluster within the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. Featuring extensively in the Star Wars universe, Raxus Prime is predominantly known for its numerous junkyards and industrial sectors, serving as a disposal site for expelling waste from across the cosmos. It has a strong inclination towards illegal activities and is renowned for its pollution-laden environment, and hazardous living conditions.

The planet is not devoid of civilization, however. Alien communities thrive in this harsh terrain, making a living from scavenging and sorting waste. Combining salvaged parts to create art, machinery, and other useful objects signifies the resourcefulness of its inhabitants. Raxus Prime's landscape is tattooed with wrecks of starships, dispossessed machinery, and dilapidated factories. Besides its junkyards, the planet is also noted for its force nexus and is the birthplace of various characters of significance, such as the Dark Jedi/Sith Lord, Darth Desolous. Despite the hardships, resilience resonates amongst its denizens, making Raxus Prime a unique blend of chaos and vitality in the Star Wars universe.

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